Research and Development

"The common facts of today are the products of yesterday’s research."

Duncan MacDonald

In order to achieve its high-quality parts FLEXIBIL continuously invests in experienced and talented staff, working in research and development.

The investments in this field start with the rubber compounds development and end with the testing of the delivered parts.

FLEXIBIL’s in house developed compounds are made having in mind the specifics of each application with strength points like fatigue, high strains and stress, creep, aging, temperature highs and lows and many others.

All the modern instruments/tools are used in all the steps of the manufacturing process as we stand close to our clients in order to develop best suitable components for their needs from the early design stages.

The trial-and-error process is diminished by using advanced FEM analysis in the design phase while the parts are validated after manufacturing in the FLEXIBIL’s in-house modern laboratory.

The laboratory tests are conducted in agreement with EN13913 or based on the customer’s specification and include both static and dynamic stiffness measurements, fatigue evaluation, creep, aging, etc. With the help of all these tests FLEXIBIL and their clients are able to anticipate the behavior of the part in the field.

Because safety is a major concern for FLEXIBIL, after extensive research, its components are aligned with the fire requirements of EN45545.

All this research and development efforts enable us to assimilate over 100 new products each year.